At First Glance (Eric)

>> Sunday, April 11, 2010

I remember first seeing Michelle at a job interview for a Consulting position at a firm in Arlington during the last semester of my grad program at GMU. It was my lucky break and start of my new career.

Dressed in my suit (which I had just purchased the day before) I was ready to give it all I had to land the job. Anxiously awaiting my appointment with the manager I scanned the office area to get an indication of where and with whom I would be working. I noticed a lot of people there were young, about my age, and although the environment seemed serious, it had a sense of casualness.

I noticed a redhead girl (I always had a thing for redheads) going behind a large front desk to use the fax machine. I noticed that as she was faxing her document, she kept looking over at me. I caught her eyes a few times. She was wearing brown pants and a button up shirt. She didn’t seem to have flash and flair, but wore sensible clothes. I thought to myself, “I am sure I could hook up with her easily,” but my focus returned to my goal. I needed to land this job. Girls had to come later.

The interview, and series of interviews, was brutal. However, I landed the job. It was the most money I had ever made in my life! They decided it was best for me to start on a day when they had an all team meeting so I could see everyone. So as we piled into a large meeting room I noticed I was sitting behind “that girl”. She turned around a few times and smiled. I sensed something about her.

After work people were going to happy hour at a Spanish bar to celebrate (something). I tagged along. However, I knew that I couldn’t afford to get wasted around these people. I had to set some boundaries. I had to be a professional.

So, as I sat across from Michelle, and had a mojito, I noticed her and another friend giggling to each other. Michelle then proceeded to say something to me in Spanish, which was something like, “Shut up and kiss me”. I wasn’t quite sure what to think. Then I remember she also said something about the removal of my pants. I then knew I had to get out of there. I finished my drink and told her I had to go home to write a paper. It was my go to excuse in those days. I think I went up the street to the Galaxy Hut bar.

My theories of Michelle being the office hook-up were beginning to become solidified. (Michelle’s note: he was way off-base!) So, I vowed to be friendly, but to stay away from her. After all, you don’t “git yer’ honey where you git yer’ money,” as someone once said. I needed to stay on track and juggle school and work. Besides, I was interested in a girl in one of my classes. 

Back at work, the more I talked to Michelle, the more I found that she was a bit crazy, but sweet. I learned that she was leaving in two weeks. I thought this could get interesting. Since she wasn’t working there, I didn’t have to worry about becoming too friendly with an employee. After some prodding from her friend to ask her out, I conceded.

During our lunch I asked questions about how she perceived life and relationships. I was considering a long term girlfriend after grad school, and was just putting some feelers out. She didn’t really have anything introspective to say. I just thought it was because she was young. She said that she was going to work upstairs in the same building. I agreed to remain in touch.


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