At First Glance (Michelle)

>> Saturday, April 10, 2010

I first remember seeing Eric at an all-hands meeting at work. The tables were set up in two horseshoes. I was sitting at the inner tables; he was at the outer. The CEO was introducing the new hires to the company. I turned to look as he gave their names and positions. Upon seeing Eric, one of the new hires, I remember doing a double-take. 

“Nice,” I thought.

After the meeting I introduced myself. We were having a going away party later that week at Guarapo for a coworker who was moving to Richmond. I asked him to come by for a while to hang out. He started to say something about needing to write a paper for grad school, but changed his mind and agreed to come.

While out, another friend of mine started teaching me some Spanish phrases to practice on Eric. I had enough mojitos to think this was a good idea.

“Quite su ropa y b├ęseme,” I told him. He must have thought I was crazy!

That Friday, March 18, I turned in my two weeks’ notice. I was planning on attending the University of Michigan in the fall for grad school, and couldn’t stand working at this company, even for a few more months. I had gotten a temp job at a company just one floor up in the same building and was planning to start April 4.

I chatted a lot with Eric those next two weeks. I wasn’t too motivated to get any work done, and he was fun to talk to. One of our co-workers, Bernadette, kept encouraging me to go for it with him. I wasn’t too sure, since I knew I would be moving at the end of the summer, but I thought we might be able to have some fun before then.

On April 1, my last day of work with the company, Eric (with heavy encouragement from Bernadette) asked me out to lunch. We ate at Il Radicchio and I was amazed at how open he was in our conversation. He asked me a lot of relationship-y questions, which I found odd. I sure enjoyed the lunch, though!


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