Growing Pains (Michelle)

>> Friday, April 16, 2010

For the next year, or so, our relationship continued to grow, despite the rather poor circumstances of our lives. I was into my third month of graduate school, living on students loans and the money my dad would occasionally send me. Eric was still unemployed, with his benefits set to run out in a couple of short months.

Both of our living situations were less than ideal at the time, but for the price, we couldn’t ask for much more. Eric was living in a dank basement apartment with a landlord who farted so loudly you could hear it through the ceiling!

I was living with a couple that became upset that I spent more time upstairs studying for school than downstairs with them partying every night. They eventually asked me to move, which I ended up having to do on New Year’s day.... at 9am.

As our year of poverty came to a close, though, Eric landed a great job with a consulting firm and I finished school. I was also fortunate enough to get a wonderful job teaching in Arlington.

The future was looking better, already!


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