>> Sunday, April 11, 2010

Daddy and Mommy aren't planning to add any babies to our family for another year or two, but we've talked a lot about names. The meanings of names are really important to me, but so are family names. We picked out a girl's name a long time ago, after both of our grandmothers.

Aleida Ruth

That means, "kind and noble friend." We'd call her Elly (which means "beautiful").

The boy's name has taken a lot longer. Daddy really likes the name Gray, which was one of his great-uncle's names. I couldn't think of a boy's name on my side of the family that I really liked. Also, I didn't like any of the meanings of names I did like. Finally, I thought of a name that fit perfectly for us. It's Welsh, so even though its not a family name, it does come from Daddy's heritage.

Owen Gray

It means, "gray-haired warrior."

Okay, so I couldn't get around the "gray-haired" part, since we both really like that name. But, I love that Owen means "warrior."


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