The Proposal (Eric)

>> Monday, April 19, 2010

A lot of things had happened over the years before we moved in together at the cute blue house on Lexington St. I had a new stable job and Michelle was plugging along with the school year. I loved our house, and it had a nice garage that I would work on my Porsche over the winter. There was one thing I couldn’t over look--a landlord.

So Michelle and I had started talking about buying a house. I knew it was time finally purchase something and knew I couldn’t do it on my own. I just wasn’t sure if I was ready for the “big plunge”. I knew Michelle was getting frustrated with me and my drunken ramblings about marriage. 

Early in the new year, we took a class for first time home buyers and it was really informative! So our search began and it was a hell of a time. We spent all of our weekends looking at houses and meeting with our realtor in the evenings. Interesting side story, on one evening we went to go look at a dilapidated house in Falls Church. When we left our realtor noticed she didn’t have her keys. We searched and searched and it became an ordeal. About an hour or later I found them in the passenger seat of her own car. Realtors!--you get wait you pay for...

Michelle was very frustrated because she kept finding dream houses, and I kept holding out. Every place we looked was not quite right for us. Then on a Sunday afternoon we found our house on Carlin Springs Rd. It was just what we wanted (but we did have to compromise on a few things). It was something we can build onto if needed.

I knew that this was a big decision. I also knew that I was going to ask Michelle to marry me. I didn’t think it was wise to go into this with no real commitment to each other. I knew it was the right thing to do. What I didn’t know was how I was actually going to propose to her. So I asked my friends and co-workers a lot of general questions about what to do. I even one evening had a conversation Michelle about rings! I must have done a good acting job, but she let me know a few things she liked and I went from there.

I purchased the ring one evening when she was out of town and had it sent to my mother’s house. I decided I was going to propose when we got the house. So I had the ring on me for almost a few weeks. I have to say it was hard keeping the secret from Michelle.

So on the day we went to settle on the house, I let it slip to my realtor that I was going to propose to Michelle. She was hysterical and I thought she would blab--she was cool about it though. So we signed the paper work and got the keys! It was exciting! I encourage our realtor to go get us some champagne and meet us at the new house.

When we got there, Michelle said as a goof, for me to carry her over the threshold. I agreed. When I put her down told her I had a present. She told me she didn’t have one for me! Anyway, I didn’t really know what to say--and truthfully hoped she would just sort of put two and two together. Well, she said I had to say something. I did and we hugged and hugged. She was completely surprised and I have to say I was a bit in shock. I mean a new house and hew fiance in one day. Needless to say we drank that bottle of champagne to celebrate our new life together!


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