The Proposal (Michelle)

>> Sunday, April 18, 2010

Okay. So, whenever Eric is a little ‘lubricated,’ he gets very lovey and sentimental. Often after an evening of drinking, he would go on and on about how much he loved me and how we should get married. He even asked me about rings I liked a couple of times. Of course, the next day, he would always deny everything!

It got to the point where it didn’t even faze me. I just told him that I’d believe it when I saw it.

So, when he actually proposed, it came as quite a huge shock to me! 

Let’s back up a bit....

We decided to start looking for a house to buy together in late December/early January 2009. We had been living together in a little house we rented since August 2007. We were both doing well in our jobs, and with both the declining housing market and the stimulus package’s tax incentive, we figured there wouldn’t be a better time.

We looked for a really long time and put in four different offers. But, finally, we got a contract on a house that was just perfect for us!

We set the closing date for the afternoon of Monday, May 18. That weekend before was a bit hectic for me, as I was trying to make sure we were 100% good to go with the mortgage company. 

All morning I was so excited! The walkthrough went well, though we noticed a few things we were able to put into escrow and get fixed.

After all the paperwork was signed and we got the keys, I couldn’t wait to get over to our new house! Our realtor was really excited for us, as well, and offered to pick up some champagne and meet us there to toast the day. I thought it was a great idea!

When we got to the house, I asked Eric to carry me over the thresh-hold, for the cuteness of it :-)

Inside, he set me down and we hugged in our new living room. Yay!

Then, Eric tells me that he got a present for me. I felt so bad! I didn’t even think of getting anything for him! 

“That’s okay,” he said, as he pulled a box from his bag.

Immediately, I recognized it as a box that could only contain one thing.

He stood there, just holding it, not saying anything.

“Oh,” I said, coyly, “what is this?”

“Well, I just really want to marry you. Do you want to marry me, too?” He asked, almost sheepishly.

“Yes, of course!” I could barely get the words out, as my heart had just galloped about five miles down the road! I must have been in shock for a full hour after he asked me to marry him!

The realtor showed up about 15 minutes later with champagne, glasses, and a camera so we could re-enact the scene for posterity! Little did I know, she had been in on the whole thing! Honestly, I can’t believe she was able to keep it a secret!

A new home and a fiance all in the same afternoon -- WOW!


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