The Start of Something Good (Eric)

>> Tuesday, April 13, 2010

During that time Michelle and I emailed each other quite often, especially when I had some downtime at work. We would often meet over at Dr. Dremo’s (R.I.P) for their happy hours, because I have a good friend that worked there.

She would come over and hang out for some drinks and conversation. I felt quite at ease with Michelle. I never felt like I had to hide anything, and often times our conversations would be about something personal I needed to get off my chest. She was a good listener and, at the time, I needed that.

But, I knew that I didn’t want to get involved with anyone just yet. So I remained friendly, never advancing on her. One time over drinks, she told me how she got accepted to Michigan for a grad program and was going to move away. She also said her other choice was GW in DC. I must admit I was a little upset when I heard the news. So, as I had a few more drinks, I began convince her more and more to stay. I think it was that night that we made out in a parking garage. 

As I juggled work and school, we still talked and saw each other off and on. Michelle went to Russia for a while, and I wrote papers. It turned out the girl I was interested in at school was a religious nut and had no interest in me.

On my 29th birthday, I didn’t have any real plans. I thought a nice evening out with Michelle could be fun and a chance to go to a nice restaurant. I had a friend that was working the bar at the Lebanese restaurant we were at. He said he would make Michelle a cocktail for the evening. A half hour later she could barely stand and we went home.

In the early part of the summer I left the company. Dejected that my first real job didn’t work out the way I planned—decided to be a bum. Well, not actually, but until I found my next opportunity, I wasn’t going to shave or cut my hair. I have to say it was liberating! Michelle didn’t have a problem with it.

Confused and hurt, I wasn’t sure what I wanted with Michelle. She never put any demands on me, but I knew she needed some answers to the state of our relationship. After all, I knew part of her decision to stick around was because of me, and so I needed to be honest. After much debating I knew that my desire for autonomy was not as great as the experiences I could have with her. On an evening out at a pizza parlor, I told her that I wanted to see her exclusively. Damn, that pizza was good.


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