The Start of Something Good (Michelle)

>> Monday, April 12, 2010

Once I started working upstairs, Eric and I would spend most of our days emailing each other, instead of actually working. Probably not the best use of my time in a brand-new job, but I justify it because I was a temp!

We met up a couple of times for lunch and hung out at Dremo’s across the street after work a few times. Our first real date was at the Lebanese Taverna for his 29th birthday. That was a memorable evening!

A couple of weeks after starting this new job, I got a phone call from the George Washington University. I had applied for their M.Ed. program a few months before, and they wanted me to come in for an interview. I went ahead and set up the appointment, even though they only gave me a few days notice and I had to get the time off of work. The morning of the interview, I almost didn’t go. I had already accepted the offer at the University of Michigan a couple of months before, and I really didn’t feel like going into DC when I was supposed to be at work. But, I decided at the last minute to just check it out.

The day after my interview, the school called again and told me they were accepting me to the Education program. I was a nervous wreck. I had planned out my life already for the next two years! I was going to have fun with Eric for a few months and then go to Michigan and move on.

Eric met me out to talk about the offer. I was so scared that if I decided to stay, Eric and I would eventually break up anyway and I would have missed out on my chance at UM. I really liked what GWU was offering, but wanted to run to Michigan to avoid having my heart broken by staying.

I decided to stay, anyway.

Eric and I kept hanging out. I started my grad program at the beginning of June and soon left the job I was working to focus on school. I was starting to like Eric more and more, which worried me. Sometimes I would get mixed signals from him, and wasn’t sure if he was starting to have stronger feelings for me, or if I was just someone to hang out with on the weekends.

I called him “My Eric” when referring to him around my friends. He wasn’t my boyfriend, but we weren’t just friends... it was tricky in my mind! Sometimes I wanted to call him my boyfriend, but we hadn’t had that conversation, yet! Plus, I didn’t take that word too lightly.

Around the middle of July, Eric came and picked me up for dinner. He said he wanted to talk. I was afraid he was going to dump me -- he seemed so nervous.

While we waited for our food, he told me he’d been thinking a lot about us. He said that he couldn’t stand the thought of not being with me, and he wanted to move forward in our relationship, making it exclusive. At that moment, I couldn’t have agreed more.


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